At first glance, the LG G6 looks like the better device when placed side-by-side to the old Galaxy S6. Well, it is the newer flagship device featuring the best hardware around, so it’s isn’t all that surprising.

However, there are some aspects where the older Samsung flagship beats the newer device. For one, the Galaxy S6 offers a better battery life compared to the LG G6.

Despite being two years old and fitted with a smaller 2550mAh battery, the Galaxy S6 is able to last longer over the new LG G6.

As if that didn’t look bad enough for the LG G6, the Galaxy S6 has been heavily criticism for its low battery capacity compared to the Galaxy S5.

A report by GSM Arena reveals that the LG G6’s 3300mAh battery lasts for only 72 hours whereas the Galaxy S6 surpasses it by recording 73 hours on the same battery test.

Today, battery life is one of the core factors buyers look into when purchasing a new device; so, it isn’t too far-fetched to suggest that LG may have ruined it with the G6 by failing to offer an adequate battery life.