Ford’s all-new S550-generation Mustang was the replacement for the declining Australian-exclusive Ford Falcon. However, Australian folks didn’t get an immediate V8-powered, rear-wheel drive replacement from GM – but they will, soon.

According to a report by GM Authority, Chevrolet will be producing a right-hand drive variant of its Camaro with the release of its upcoming generation.

The right-hand drive Camaro has been given the green light but even so, it is still likely that Chevy could suddenly shut down the entire plan.

The report states that GM has up to 2019 to make this happen as the debut of the right-hand drive Camaro may be around 2020.

From now until then, Chevy is planning to watch the Ford Mustang’s performance in the Australian market closely, as revealed by Camaro’s Chief Engineer, Al Oppenheiser.

Seeing that the Ford pony car has secured about 6,000 annual sales so far, it looks like Chevy’s plan of copying the Mustang’s strategy may be lucrative.