Although Ford’s F-150 have acquired better ratings for its performance and its driving abilities, it still sits below the Chevrolet Silverado, when it comes to tech features.

GM hasn’t given Ford a break ever since the latter launched the new F-150. The automaker continues to mock the F-150 in its advertising campaign by hammering the fact that the Ford is inferior to the Silverado. GM even stated that equipping its cabin with 4G LTE hotspot has catapulted the Silverado’s sales.

It’s hard for Ford to deny this and this is a solid reason behind the Blue Oval’s decision to bring an LTE hotspot system for the on-board Sync infotainment system some time later this year.

However, that may not be enough to put it on par to the Silverado as GM is hard at work on something unique for its pickup truck – unlimited LTE data.

Beginning tomorrow, buyers will be able to buy unlimited 4G data plan, under AT&T, with GM which will provide them with continuous internet inside the Silverado.