It looks like Tesla Model S has been improved in its reliability rate, according to the latest Consumer Reports Annual Auto Reliability Survey.

In 2015, we saw the Model S going down a slippery slope as its recommended status dropped. It apparently had a below-average reliability.

Things took a turn this year when the Model S was bumped up to an average reliability rate, reclaiming its recommended status.

“Tesla’s Model S has improved to average reliability, which now makes the electric car one of our recommended model,” stated Jake Fisher, Consumer Reports’ director of automotive testing.

He added that the new Model X SUV will not be recommended soon due to its various flaws such as its complex Falcon-wing doors.

“The Model X has a long way to go. It’s the sixth least reliable vehicle in our survey, and there are some monumental challenges with that vehicle,” clarified Fisher.

The Tesla brand currently places at #25 out of 29 in the Consumer Report reliability rankings.

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