Polestar is now officially Volvo’s performance arm and its task is to turn a standard car from Volvo into a beast of a vehicle. In simpler terms, Polestar will be serving Volvo like how AMG is serving Mercedes and M-Division is serving BMW.

Both AMG and M-Division are established names in the market hence Polestar has got a mountain to climb if it wants to outdo the industry’s bests. We can safely say that Polestar is going in the right direction after it broke Nurburgring speed records for the 4-door sedan category with the S60 Polestar and now it is hungry for more.

Volvo shared that Polestar’s next plan is to turn the newly released XC60 into an extremely fast SUV. The new-generation XC60 is already getting positive ratings from the major reviewers and it is a sports trim away from becoming a complete package.

Following the XC60 Polestar, Volvo wants to replicate the same recipe for their future compact crossover, the XC40. However unlike how it is with the XC60 and S60, the XC40 Polestar will debut together with the standard XC40 on launch day. Are you excited?

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