The success of Dead Island has got the fans wishing for a sequel and their wish was answered three years ago. Back then, Yager provided the official confirmation that Dead Island 2 is in the works. Despite that fact, there has yet to be any progress update made for Dead Island 2. What gives?

After some heavy digging, we learned that the fate of Dead Island 2 is now in great uncertainty. The odds are against the sequel to make it out of production, especially after seeing the developers abandoning the project.

Yager dismissed Dead Island 2 after breaking up with Deep Silver thus leaving the title in coma. The worst sign came when game online retailers started cancelling the pre-orders made for Dead Island 2 due to the game’s poor state of development.

If the issues don’t get resolved soon, Dead Island 2 will end up being a highly anticipated title that simply can’t get into productions. This is just like Half Life 3, which has kept the fans waiting for over a decade already.

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