Come September this year, Activision is expected to launch Destiny 2 across every major gaming platforms and this include the PC. What’s best about it is that Activision gave a head’s up on a ‘meaningful feature’ coming to PC’s Destiny 2.

The details on the feature are unknown at the moment but sources close to Activision are claiming a state-of-the-art player pairing tool. Back in Destiny 1, players are unable to team up via online with ease. They are required to create a team on the Xbox One/PS4 interface due to the absence of a system in the game.

This is something which Activision was referring to when they quoted meaningful feature. The Xbox One and PS4 have a dedicated interface for the gaming community hence the focus is on the PC. Activision is tipped to introduce a player pairing system just for the PC and it will function flawlessly.

But of course, nothing has been confirmed as of yet so you best take the above with a grain of salt. We will know for sure once Activision brings out Destiny 2 at E3 next month.

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