A couple of months ago, Dodge launched the Challenger Demon and the car leaped straight into being the fastest accelerating car around. This cannot be helped as the Demon relies on a powerful 840hp V8 engine and the car is also tailored to be very light.

Dodge wanted to maximize performance through weight-cutting programs and it saw them making some bold decisions.

For example, Dodge decided to offer a single seat setup on the Challenger Demon and this comes with the aim of making the car a lot lighter. Such a bold move has inspired McLaren to create something similar in their future model.

McLaren said earlier today that they are opening up to the idea of a having a supercar with a single-seat setup and it will be targeted at those that wants the fastest speed on their car. McLaren took a step further by releasing a concept photo of their single-seat monster and you can check it out above.

With McLaren being an iconic name in the supercar market, Dodge can be pleased to know that their methodology and bold ideas are painted in a positive picture.

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