As the snow begins to thicken over at the Northeast right now, we are reminded how truly useful an all-wheel drive vehicle is. And, Dodge’s new Challenger GT, the first OEM muscle car to direct power to all wheels, seems to be high on our list, currently.

However, the Challenger GT only comes with one engine option, the 305hp 3.6L naturally aspirated V6, found in the entry-level Challenger and Charger.

Judging from the car’s weight that surpasses the two-ton mark, the Challenger GT’s power-to-weight ration is probably one of the less impressive features of the model.

The Fast Lane Car recently pitted the Challenger GT against the 707hp Dodge Challenger Hellcat in a straight-line acceleration match. Although the winner may be obvious, the Hellcat had to use the red valet key, which caps the supercharged V8 to 500hp and disengages launch control.

Catch how it all went down below:

Source: The Fast Lane Car