Super Mario Run had raked in almost three million downloads on the first day of its launch itself. It does look like another success for Nintendo until you notice how truly annoying the game could be.

This games requires an always-on internet connection to play and as it turns out, Super Mario Run can chug down 40-70MB, based on your gameplay style and mode. This is one game you wouldn’t want to play for long over cellular data.

Although, 70MB an hour is not that bad, you’ll have to consider it as a cumulative sum which could reach up to 1.5GB a month, if you play an hour a day, every weekday.

AppleInsider reveals that some sources have revealed that a large part of the reason behind this immense data usage is due to the unusually high server load during launching which result in some of Nintendo’s servers to work inefficiently and consume far more data that they are supposed to.

Super Mario Run seems to be consuming similar amount of data as Pokemon Go, despite the fact that the former isn’t meant to be played while on-the-move. It’s best that you opt to play this game over a Wi-Fi network.