If you have just got yourself a new iPhone 7 and you’re wondering how could you supercharge your device through this entire year, we have just the thing for you!

We have compiled a couple of tips that would help all iPhone 7 users make the most out of their device.

iPhone 7 Tips

1. Raise to Wake
To view your iPhone screen, you’ll probably going to slide it open or press the home button. However, by using Raise to Wake, all you need to do is to pick up your iPhone 7 to see your lock screen with all the notification you’ve received. To set this, you’ll need to navigate to Settings>Display & Brightness>Turn off the toggle for Raise to Wake.

2. No Need for Pressing
Since the iPhone 7 has a fingerprint sensor, you don’t need to Slide to unlock. You just need to click on the home button to unlock your device but if you’re too lazy for clicking, all you need to do its to rest your finger on the home button to unlock the device. To set this, go to Settings>General>Accessibility>Home Button>Toggle on and toggle on the switch for Rest Finger to Open.

3. More Controls
You can easily access your Control Center by swiping up from the bottom edge of your iPhone 7. This allows for easier Wi-Fi and Bluetooth adjustments along with some other features. Aside that, you could also swipe to the left when viewing the Control Center to access the second panel of playback controls for music.

4. Camera Settings
The default camera mode if the standard Photo mode but if you wish to change this, you could navigate to Settings>Photos & Camera>Preserve Settings>Toggle on Camera Mode.

5. Here’s to Better Sleep
You may already know by now that blue light emitting from smartphones have an adverse effect on our sleep-wake cycle. But you can change this by scheduling the screen brightness according to time by navigating to Settings>Display & Brightness>Night Shift.

6. …And Better Mornings
We’re always messing around with our devices even when we’re already in bed so, we end up needing an alarm to wake up instead of naturally. iPhone 7’s new feature called the Bedtime button (located in your Clock app) will help you set yourself to wake up at the right time and schedule how much sleep you want tonight.

Well, give these tips a try and let us know if you found them helpful!