About a month ago, game director Mike Laidlaw teased on something which nobody expected and it is the development of Dragon Age 4. The sequel to Dragon Age 3 Inquisition is said to be in the works and it is expected to make its debut next year.

If the events in Inquisition are closely followed, Dragon Age 4 will put the focus on a massive civil war hitting the fantasy world. Solas will attempt to take over the world with his elves, the Qunaris will rebel against every law and order and the Templars will get more intense with the mages.

There is no doubt that things will be chaotic in Dragon Age 4 and one character will play an active part in preventing an apocalypse. He is none other than Cullen.

Cullen is a warrior that has participated in all three Dragon Age titles but he has yet to turn into a playable character. Perhaps, this will change in Dragon Age 4 as he may get called upon to accompany the new protagonist in a plot to save the world. Would you want this?

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