It’s a known fact that Bethesda usually takes its time in its game development. This isn’t exactly a reason to complain when you consider the depth and scale involved in each of its AAA projects. And, the situation doesn’t seem to differ when it comes to the Elder Scrolls 6.

Recent rumors have revealed that Bethesda is probably preparing to launch the successor to Skyrim this year and the developer is remaining hush-hush over it, at least for now.

This is similar to how it went down with the Fallout 4, which took about five years of effort prior to being announced just a couple of months shy of its actual launch date early 2016.

However, Pete Hines from Bethesda quickly buried these rumors on Twitter by stating that the game won’t be out until “eventually,” suggesting that the developer has yet to make any solid plans pertaining to the game.

Some reports have pointed fingers at the development of Fallout 4 VR for shifting Bethesda’s focus from its next Elder Scrolls title, but that is far from the actual story.

The company is famous for its ambitious, high budget games, but in actual fact, this company consists of a very small development team. Jeff Gardiner, Bethesda’s head producer for Fallout 4, revealed in 2015 that they run on an approximate 100 member team.

This implies that it is a tight-knit team that works wonders together yet it has a downside of taking longer time to develop a major title. This could very well be the reason behind Fallout 4 feeling like a broken game.