Fable was a game that involved role-playing which looked for new directions for the genre which included aspects of relationships, personal growth and humor.

The game had made it into three series which were launched between 2004 and 2010, however, it never made it to the fourth game.

Peter Molyneux, former Lionhead chief, finds it “crazy” that Fable 4 was never made. Speaking to Games Radar, Molyneux said that, “I would love to do Fable 4, and the studio tried to do it. You’d have to get the original team back together though”

After the Fable 3, the game makers had worked on Kinect game ‘Fable Adventures’ but the game turned out to be a flop and received bad reviews all around. Following that incident, Molyneux had left Lionhead to start up a new studio known as 22Cans.

Lionhead then created the ‘Fable:Legends’ but it was cancelled earlier this year and the company was shut down. Then, a ‘Fable 4’ plan was pitched to Microsoft.

John McCormack, former art director, said that “We wanted to hit the late Victorian proper far out Jules Verne shit. It would be darker and grittier. And because it was R-rated it would have the prostitutes and the humor. This is going to be fucking brilliant, and everybody was really into it.”

However, Microsoft turned it down in favor of the ‘Fable:Legends’ which cost about $75 million.

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