Although Fallout 4 is 18 months old now, there are still a large percentage of gamers still hooked on the game. This is especially since Bethesda has been keeping the game fresh, with some help with the modding community.

And now, settlements are elevating the brand further as gamers are able to share settlement creation blueprints within the community.

The settlement feature is definitely an exciting addition and along with the toolkit that has managed to grow in scope as well as power – thanks to official DLC from Bethesda and unofficial modes via gamers.

Gamers can make anything; from Bioshock-themed settlements to multi-storey apartment blocks using the settlement creation tools. Prior to this, the only way to share creations is through gameplay streams or screen shots but now, a mod has been developed to make things easier.

This mod is known as ‘Transfer Settlements’ and it permits gamers to export their creations and, subsequently, offer them up as blueprints to other gamers.

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