Apple is, once again, under fire but this time it’s fighting against Australia’s consumer watchdog, according to a report by Money.CNN.

The report states that the regulator is currently suing the US tech giant under the basis of violation of buyer’s rights by denying service to certain iPhones and iPads that were disabled via a software update.

These Apple product users, who had utilized third parties’ help to fix their broken screens, received an error text following an Apple software update which rendered their devices unusable.

Apparently, Apple had bricked these devices via a software update and then “refused to look at or service” them. However, the commission is calling this a breach of Australian consumer law.

That said, it looks like Apple fans are on the tech giant’s side this time around. Many folks took to Reddit threads to agree with Apple has done.

These folks said that Apple shouldn’t be held responsible for repairing or replacing their hardware after a third party has carried out a shoddy job on it.

Many felt that it was not right to sue Apple for this as this can be pinned on the owner’s own mistake in going to a third party for help instead of Apple instead. One even liken this situation to buying a new car, crashing it and fixing it yourself and then suing the automaker when the warranty is voided.

Do you think Apple did the right thing or do you feel that the Cupertino giant was being unreasonable in this situation? Tell us what you think below!

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