Every professional football player can pass or shoot a ball with great accuracy but it is those that can do it when succumbed by heavy pressure that becomes world class players. This is why we believe that FIFA 18 can change the way football games work if they truly enforce an in-depth mentality stats.

Say if a player has got the best passing, shooting and dribbling stats but have a poor mentality ratings, it can cause issues to the entire squad and his performance on the pitch.

While there may have been mentality stats in previous FIFA titles, the implementation has been poor as it does not have a big influence on the game. FIFA 18 must take inspiration from Leicester’s EPL success achieved by a team of less popular players. The team is glued together and has a strong mentality thus allowing them to make such accomplishment.

This season however, Leicester experienced a downfall and this is due to their poor mentality. Players can lose their ways when confidence is down and this need to get replicated in FIFA 18. What do you think?

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