Recent reports reveal that Shelby GT350 owners have come together to serve a lawsuit against Ford under the allegations that their transmissions and differentials are overheating when driven at speed.

This problem seems to stem from the fact that Ford had consciously left out the transmission or differential coolers from its entry-level and Tech Package 2016 Shelby GT350 Mustangs.

These owners aren’t pleased that Ford had not included these elements in what was supposed to be a street-legal track car. This Mustang was supposed to effortlessly hit and retain high speeds.

We can’t deny that Ford had messed up but some folks believe that these owners may have gone too far with the lawsuit. These owners had demanded Ford to reimburse the price of the vehicle as well as cover punitive damages with an order “enjoining Ford’s deceptive marketing and sales acts and practices,” as described by Jalopnik.

However, there is another set of folks who feel that Ford may have deserved this as this was an avoidable issue with all the pre-testing that has been carried out on the car.

It sure looks like the opinions are split down the middles right now. Well, do you really think Ford deserved it this time? Pick a side and tell us why below!