A report by The Drive reveals that Ford Motor Company has submitted documents for a patent in the US for “an electrically-powered sliding bed platform” for the upcoming Ford F-150 Hybrid.

This bed tray could be useful for retrieving load from the truck’s bed as well as work as a table. The patent application draws a picture of a tray powered by an electric motor that could be extended by pushing a button or stopping its motion if there is a distraction.

The report states that the power for the tray would be derived from the electric drive motor in the Ford F-150 Hybrid’s electrified powertrain.

The automaker had said sometime back that the upcoming Ford F-150 Hybrid will be focused on bringing better utility and performance along with enhanced efficiency. So, this pickup will offer buyers the ease of using it as a portable generator, powering tools and equipment at the job site.

Well, the Honda Ridgeline may be known for its unrivaled utility features but the electric sliding bed tray of the F-150 Hybrid may just be able to top everything the Ridgeline has to offer.