Ford wants to implement some exciting new tech for the upcoming F-150 and Mustang for the 2018MY. This is a bumper-mounted radar along with a windshield-mounted camera that will scan the road ahead and send information to a new Pedestrian Detection system, as reported by AutoBlog.

This new system will be able to notify drivers of pedestrians on the road, even during night time and automatically applies the brakes if the driver isn’t listening to the system’s warnings.

The system depends on a database of “pedestrian shapes” which aids in distinguishing between “tree-shaped objects” and “people-shaped people,” clarifies the report.

The windshield camera captures over 30 snapshots every second which means that the system is constantly up-to-date. Ford claims that the system is capable to detect pedestrians even in low-light conditions but there isn’t any thermal camera included.

Well, this new safety tech that’s been adopted by the F-150 and Mustang is definitely revolutionary and so far, nothing from GM’s Chevy Silverado and Camaro matches up to it.

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Hank Roedell · March 18, 2017 at 5:13 pm

It sure seems to me another dumb headache. The data is suppose to apply the breaks if the driver doesn’t respond. I suppose Ford couldn’t put more durability in designing the F150 to last longer. After all, if they built the vehicle for long lasting, that would hamper sales.

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