Ford has announced that it has revamped its autonomous emergency braking systems by adding a function that can detect pedestrians at night. This new tech will be making its debut on the Fiesta, Mustang and the F-150.

This feature works by scanning the road ahead as well as the sidewalks to detect if there are people around and if they would move to the front of the vehicle. Of course, the Pedestrian Detection function will be working just as fine during daytime, as well.

To make this work, Ford will equip models with a radar in the bumper and a camera in the windshield. These two will be working together by cross-checking their scanning results with the database of “pedestrian shapes.”

This dedicated camera will be capturing 30 snapshots every second while the system will be analyzing them based on the database. If there is an obstruction, the system will notify the driver via audio or visual ways. If the driver fails to respond in time, the system will kick in and apply the brakes to avoid a collision.

Over in Europe, the 2018 Ford Fiesta will be the first model to be equipped with this system. Meanwhile, American buyers will see it on the Mustang and the F-150s of the 2018MY.