The next-gen Ford Ranger and Bronco are confirmed to be making their return within the next couple of years and they promise plenty of excitement to offer.

Ford has already made the necessary confirmation and they even revealed that they have started retooling the Michigan plant to develop the Ranger and Bronco. While both vehicles will be developed alongside one another, they are not planning to share the same elements like design.

Spy shots surrounding the Ford Ranger has already proved this point when it shows the midsized pickup truck following the footsteps of its larger sibling, the F-150. The Ranger features an aggressive and bold design language that makes it look like a scaled down version of the F-150.

It goes to say that the Ranger and the Bronco are not going to be twin vehicles that have different market goals. The Ranger will be absorbing the pickup truck DNA of the F-150 whereas the Bronco will be targeting the off-road market.

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