Ford has already confirmed on the return of two iconic names here in the US and they are the Ranger and the Bronco. The former is a midsized pickup truck whereas the latter is a 4×4 SUV. Both vehicles are also tipped to arrive before 2020 and they will get developed in Michigan.

With the Ranger and Bronco getting built alongside one another, it is understandable why many are speculating that both vehicles will have plenty of similarities between them. However, the outcome looks set to be very different as the Ranger and the Bronco have completely different desires.

Spy shots surrounding the next-gen Ranger has already proved this point when it shows the midsized pickup truck looking much like the latest Ford F-150. Hence, it is safe to assume that the Bronco will carry a completely different appearance.

The similarities are possibly limited to the platform which both vehicles are built on and several powertrain options. Everything else will be tailored differently as the Ranger and Bronco has different goals to achieve.

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