God Of War: Metal Gear Solid 5 Mistakes Must Be Avoided

It is official. SIE Santa Monica Studio is currently developing the next God of War game and the sequel is projected to arrive in 2018. The confirmation happened at E3 earlier this month and it sends fans on overdrive in excitement.

Today, we received new information from SIE and it is that God of War won’t have camera cuts from start to finish. This is exactly like Metal Gear Solid 5 (MGS5) and we are pleased for it.

MGS5 has the no camera cuts setup and it greatly improves the cinematography aspects of the game. Unfortunately, however, the trailers for MGS5 have spoiled most of the cutscenes and this is something that must not be repeated in God of War.

Just to be on the safe side, it is best to avoid any God of War trailers as it might ruin the surprise factor in the game. Be warned.