When you launch the Project Fi app, Google likes to provide little bits of info on your account but now, the search engine giant has incorporated a reminder to “refer a friend.” All you have to do is to click on “refer a friend” on the app and you’ll be presented with a code. Pass it along to a friend and when they sign up with it, both of you will be getting $20 credited into your account once the new account has been active for a month.

This referral system will not be on forever, though. According to Android Central, it will only be up until January 11 which means that the other person will have to activate their account by then to be eligible for the credit. However, extra members on a group plan are not qualified to be referred.

It’s pretty obvious that Google is attempting to increase the Project Fi subscriber base and since the Nexus 6P is under the Project Fi program, it seems plausible that the Nexus 6P would be benefiting from this, in terms of its appeal.