Although the Google Pixel devices were initially garnering great sales figures, it appears that these models have been dwindling in their numbers.

According to Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, the Pixel recorded 1.3 percent sales for the three months leading to November. This was really impressive, considering the fact that the Pixel was only widely available after October 20.

However, Android’s smartphone OS share in the US faced a drop for the sixth time. The Android sales share fell to 55.3 percent during the three months compared to the 60.4 percent during the same period a year back.

Apple, on the other hand, saw an increase in its iOS market share from 37.1 percent in the year before to 43.5 percent in the three months ending in November.

The report states that the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 6s were the three most popular devices in the country, recording 31.3 percent of market share.

So, although Google may have had significant growth with the Pixel devices, it is still not enough to surpass Apple’s iPhone 6s and iPhone 7.