It looks like it has been almost confirmed that Google will be carrying on its Nexus tradition over to its brand new line of Pixel devices.

By tradition, we’re talking about the duration of eligibility for Android software updates as well as security updates.

If you weren’t aware, Nexus devices were guaranteed Android version updates for two years while security updates were guaranteed for one extra year.

And now, Google has decided to carry this on with the Pixel series as revealed by its Android support pages. The tech giant has refreshed its page to include the Pixel and Pixel XL device into a special list which highlights the eligibility of these devices in regard to official software updates.

So, it looks like Google can’t guarantee that the Pixel and Pixel XL will be gaining Android version updates after October 2018 and it also can’t guarantee that the two devices will be gaining security updates after October 2019.

Well, we can’t say this is such a big surprise as this similar timeline is shared by Nexus devices in the past, as well. That said, do you think Google should have extended it since Pixel devices are Google’s first own production?