Sometimes things go from bad to worse, just look at the Nexus 5. First, it was left out from receiving the latest Android update then Google decided to officially terminate software update to the device.

Nexus 5’s failure to gain entry into the Android 7.0 beta was quite a strong indication of its impending death. If that wasn’t obvious enough, Nexus devices’ expiry dates listed by Google is a sure sign.

This month marks the three-year milestone of the Nexus 5, meaning that the tech giant is no longer obligated to provide security updates. But, the listing also indicates that despite the device nearing its end, the Nexus 5 will not be deserted completely, for now.

Many folks seem to hold the impression that Google will still be providing its monthly security patches even after Nexus 5 reaches its ‘expiry’ date. However, we just can’t seem to shake the thought of whether the Nexus 5 would really need Google’s help to stay alive.

This is because the Nexus 5 is essentially a device for developers and power users. Thus, it will only need the Nougat source code and developers to come up with a CM14 custom ROM, which has been done just a couple days after the Nougat launch, to prolong its life.