When the Nexus 5 was first released in 2013, it was priced at only $350 to $400. So, those who bought the device would surely be turned off by the Pixel’s $650+ price tag.

Fortunately, it appears that Google may be producing a cheaper smartphone that would definitely appeal to Nexus 5 users. According to Phone Arena, a tipster has revealed that Google is currently working on an inexpensive device under the Pixel team.

However, as Rick Osterloh, senior vice president at Google, had confirmed that there will not be a budget Pixel device; this new device will not be carrying the Pixel name. The tipster suggested that the device may be a Google-built Android One device, instead.

This does not sound too far-fetched as its likely that Google wants to revive the Android One program by producing its own hardware.

That said, would Google be capable of manufacturing devices at a large scale? We’ve already grown tired of the Pixel devices consistently being out of stock and facing many delays in shipping.

Well, if Google masters the way to handle that, this would definitely be a better alternative for the budget-minded Nexus 5 or even Nexus 5X users.