The Nexus 6P is such a great all-rounder stock Android device that it’s surprising that Google isn’t trying to reap its full potential. Looking at how it is currently being projected in Google’s Project Fi service, the Nexus 6P has a great shot as a quasi-mid-range device.

What we’re trying to say is that the $400 Nexus 6P has a real potential of making it big globally. This is crucial for Google if it wants to achieve the levels of Apple and Samsung in selling smartphones.

Google can’t depend on the Pixel duo as these devices are pretty expensive in less affluent markets. In Asia, the Pixel devices could reach up to $4,000 in local currencies!

What’s The Problem?

One way for Google to attract consumers abroad is to make the Nexus 6P a little cheaper. The $200 Nexus 5X is a great deal but this device is known for its reliability issues. The Nexus 6P is, undeniably, the winner here and if it is affordable enough, Google will have a better chance at gaining a wider global influence.

The Project Fi has a great feature of allowing users to terminate the service at any time, if they decide on doing so. This could be taken advantage of by purchasing a device with the discounted price and discontinuing the service once the device has reached your hand.

If the Nexus 6P didn’t look so attractive before, it will be different now, considering that it’ll be equipped with great features from the Pixel duo. Of all the exciting features, one of it will be the Camera NX which allows the device to access the improved sharp-shooting features of the Pixel.