The arrival of the Google Pixel duo had shaken the Android ecosystem. Prior to this, Samsung was the solo rival against the mighty Apple but now, Google is attempting to overtake both these strong contenders.

However, Google isn’t merely dumping the Nexus series to go down a full-premium pathway and it really wouldn’t make much sense for the tech giant to do that.

The lack of any new Nexus devices has left a gap that only Google could close. This is because there are many buyers who are still drawn to pure Android devices that come with affordable price tags. And, it’s obvious that the Pixel duo won’t be able to satisfy these buyer’s needs.

That leaves us with the Nexus 5X and 6P as these two are the only devices left that are still reliable, since they are the only two that have been affirmed to reach Android 8.0. Project Fi currently sells the 5X at only $200 while the 6P is double that price.

Android One Becomes The Savior

Thankfully, the Android One, slated to arrive sometime mid this year, will be able to take these Nexus devices’ place once they have reached the end of their line.

Android One has been launched in developing markets as a budget series with direct support from Google. Over at the US, the Android One series is expected to be between $200 to $300, which would be perfect for those still holding on to their faulty Nexus 5X devices.

There is also the speculation that Google may allow third-party OEM to be involved in producing its Android One devices, just like it did with the Nexus series.

Well, do you think Android One will be able to fill the void left by the Nexus lineup?

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Kelly D. Jones · February 23, 2017 at 9:18 am

Faulty 5X? What does the headline have to do with the article?

My family has three Nexus 5X’s and they are all great phones.

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