Nexus 5X is probably one of Google’s least favored Nexus device ever produced. It does have its own set of fans but the figure doesn’t quite match up to the entourage of fans behind the Nexus 6 or even the Nexus 6P.

The only party worth pointing fingers at is the manufacturer itself, LG. It was LG who was responsible of producing physical units of the Nexus 5X. If you’re frustrated by the device’s poor performance or tendency to experience boot loops, just know that LG is the culprit.

Google was solely responsible for the design and pricing of the Nexus 5X; it had no hand in production, what so ever. So, if there’s one thing that we can blame Google on, it is the device’s ridiculous initial price tag of$380 for its base 16GB model. And don’t get us started on the $430 for the 32GB model.

Fortunately, Google has rectified this as the Nexus 5X now comes with a $200 price tag. But, everything else is still on LG. The device’s boot loop issue is entirely a hardware problem and LG’s admission of guilt has made that evident.

The Korean OEM started offering full refunds to all Nexus 5X users who had reported of the issue at the end of 2016, instead of denying any fault.