The Nexus 6P is no longer the perfect prince its fans thought it was. Along with Nougat came a number of problems that have made the lives of users pretty miserable in the past few months, and sadly Google may not come to the rescue.

It would, but only for the units purchased directly from the Google Store. We assume this applies to Project Fi purchases as well, given that they’re still directly from Google.

A representative from tech giant responded to the clamor on Reddit by stating clearly that only those who purchased their Nexus 6P from its store can contact Google for support.

As for the rest, they can try their luck with Huawei, a company notorious for substandard customer support in the US. Well, actually, most Chinese OEMs suck in this regard when it comes to US buyers. Perhaps they’re much better in their home market.

Anyway, if you got your Nexus 6P through Amazon or eBay, then you’re most likely out of luck if you hope to fix your issues through Google. Are you experiencing any of the recent problems afflicting many other users such as random shutdowns and bootloops?