The Nexus 5 was a result of a Google-LG collaboration three years back. Despite being a fairly old device, many folks aren’t giving up on their trusty Nexus 5.

When the device was launched, it was no short of impressive. The Nexus 5 arrived complete with some of the best specs around at that time. Aside from its excellent hardware, the model sported a 4.95-inch True HD IPS display with 1080×1920 resolution.

Powering the Nexus 5 is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 and it works amazingly well with its 2GB RAM alongside an Adreno 300 graphics processing unit. These are the main reasons why the device still manages to stay reliable up to this point.

Old But Gold?

Of course, the Nexus 5 doesn’t look all that great next to Google’s latest Pixel XL and the Samsung Galaxy S8 but this clearly hasn’t stopped owners from persevering with this aging device as it is still capable of providing satisfying performance.

A survey through the multiple threads over on Reddit reveal that Nexus 5 users have resorted to changing their device’s battery to extend its lifespan. Some owners disclose that the device still remains stable and fast even after changing the battery three times.

Most of these loyal users keep their Nexus 5 in great shape by flashing it with custom ROMs. This means they will be able to get the latest features into their three-year-old device.

Sorry, Google – Nexus 5 Is Here To Stay

So, even if Google cuts off total support for the Nexus 5, we highly doubt that these loyal users will be giving up on their beloved Nexus device.

This just goes to show how truly immortal the Nexus 5 is. That said, if you are a Nexus 5 owner, how long do you think you will continue to hold on to your device?