Seeing that Google’s Nexus 5 is an aging device, some may start thinking that the device is nearing its end. But, that may not be entirely true.

Google may have cut off the Nexus 5 when it launched its latest Android update, Nougat, but as the device is essentially a popular device among users, it will continue to be supported by the dedicated developer community.

This means it will not be an impossible feat to bring the latest Android versions into the Nexus 5. It doesn’t even matter if you’re not familiar with custom ROMs as there are lots of tutorials online to guide you through it.

Thanks to the growing number of third-party developers, there are plenty of options for users to pick from. If you aren’t keen on the Hammerhead based CM14.1 custom ROM build, you can opt for the CAF version.

Just like all other custom ROMs, there two have their own pros and cons as well. Take for example, the CAF version has updated driver and offers excellent audio quality but it is the Hammerhead build that enhances better alt kernel availability.

So, it looks like the only problem Nexus 5 users may face is in trying to keep the device virus-free without Google’s latest security updates.

Well, would that be a good reason to give up your beloved Nexus 5?