The Nexus 6 is truly one of its kind as it was a great device with minimal issues. Despite the Nexus 6P and the Nexus 5 being pretty good device in their own right, they couldn’t seem to match up to the greatness of the Nexus 6.

Ever since the device was launched, there hasn’t been much reports of users facing issues such as excessive battery drains, overheating, lags, boot loops or spontaneous cracks. The Nexus 6 is really an impressive, dependable 6.0-inch stock Android device.

However, there won’t be another device like the Nexus 6 which leaves fans, who adored the big display and the great screen-to-body ratio, to look toward other, inferior, alternatives. The options include the Xiaomi Mi Max, Samsung Galaxy S9/Pro or the upcoming Galaxy C9.

After the Nexus 6, Google switched its design style and started producing smaller phablets; the Pixel XL measures at 5.5-inches while the Nexus 6P measures at 5.7-inches.

So, it looks like Google will only be going smaller from now on. There seems to be no other choice for fans; it’s either they go with a pure Android device or a device with a big display. You can’t get the best of both worlds anymore.