With the Pixel here, the Nexus smartphones are the thing of the past now but that does not mean that the fans are ready to let them go just yet.

While most people are looking forward to seeing what the next Pixel 2 device is all about, some Nexus users say that they are happy with their Nexus 6P right now and that they have no intention to upgrade it to the newer pixel.

According to the Nexus 6P users, the device is still going strong. The display is still as sharp as ever, the solid frame and front facing speaker still impress its users but of course, it is far from perfect.

There were already reports of the battery degrading and that the device is already starting to slow down but besides that, the Nexus 6P is still going strong. How many of you are looking to Switch your Nexus 6P with the upcoming Pixel 2?

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