It appears that Google Pixel 2 may be taking some cues from the Apple’s iPhone 7. Well, let us refresh your mind: the iPhone 7 stirred plenty of controversy when it was launched because it came without a headphone jack. And now, a report by 9to5Google reveals that Google may be forgoing the headphone jack for the Pixel 2.

The report also reveals another rumor that Google has been testing various Pixel 2 models with different chipsets, “some with Snapdragon 83X chips, others with Intel chips.”

The same tipster also disclosed that there is still talks on waterproofing for the upcoming Pixel device. He added that the device’s camera will “not have large MP size,” instead, it will “compensate in extra features.”

Taking away the headphone jack is definitely a brave move by Google as many Android OEMS have retained the jack despite Apple removing it on the iPhone 7. Will it be a wise move though?

That said, it’s best to take all that you’ve read with a pinch of salt as nothing has been confirmed by the Mountain View giants.