A report by Android Police reveals that some Pixel and Pixel XL users have been experiencing some serious microphone issues, based on a Google Support forum thread that has garnered over 800 replies, so far. The Pixel has three microphones and this issues, at times, completely shuts down audio input on the device.

A Google employee had responded to the thread by stating that the problem could be due to a hardware-related issue. This includes the possibility of a hairline crack in the audio codec or a faulty microphone – but this is very unlikely, affecting lower than 1 percent of users.

However, some users have said that this issue is fixed when they heat their device with a hairdryer but this isn’t encourage as it could result in other mechanical failures.

Although Google has yet to discover the root cause of this issue, it has suggested that it could be due to users dropping the device. That said, the manufacturer still advises the affected users to send in their faulty devices for a free replacement.

Are you a Google Pixel or Pixel XL user? Have you been affecting by this problem? Let us know below!