After making a strong start in the market, Google is now more committed than ever to keep the Pixel phones alive by developing next-gen models. The Pixel 2 is obviously the next big thing from Google and it is likely to debut later this year.

Well, we have yet to get any details on the Pixel 2 but we already know where Google is going with the Pixel phones. It was revealed earlier today that Google wants to develop its own chips for the Pixel phones.

This signs are clear after Google hired Apple’s key SoC architect Manu Gulati. The lad confirmed it on his social pages and he will be tasked to develop chips for Google.

We see this as a step forward for Google as having their phones running on in-house chips will make it better optimized for performance. The software will integrate well with hardwares just like how it is with Apple.

Despite this obvious outcome, we don’t expect the changes to happen in the Pixel 2 phones. The massive changes are preserved for a future version of the Pixel phones.

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