It was such a common occurrence for the camera software on the Nexus 6P and 5X to face bouts of freezing. And now, it looks like Google is repeating the similar mistake with its Pixel devices.

Users of the Pixel devices had initially reported on an issue that produced lens flare in many daylight photos. However, reports have been cropping up on users facing constant freezing in the camera app lately.

As if that isn’t enough, users have also reported on seeing pink and purple lines in their images, according to postings on Pixel product forums.

A user had reported this issue back in October yet Google has yet to offer any sort of explanation or fix for this frustrating problem.

We’re expecting it to be a software bug as some users have said that they only see this issue when they are using the camera on a weak data signal. However, some users had even reverted back to older firmware to fix this issue, but the problem persisted which indicates it could be a hardware issue.

This clearly isn’t something new for Google’s devices. Users of Google’s devices should be familiar with dodgy camera software performance by now. There’s no solution to this right now, looks like there’s no other way but to wait on Google.