The Nexus 6P was sold primarily by Google so it was possible for its sales number to be kept a secret. However, the Google Pixel devices were sold by carriers which means its sales performance would be made publicly known, even if the numbers are merely estimates.

Morgan Stanley, a financial firm, revealed that Google would have sold 3 million Pixel devices by the end of this year. This would amount to an estimated $2 billion in revenue for Google. It also said that the company could see 5 to 6 million more Pixel device sold throughout next year, with a total revenue of $3.8 billion.

These may be impressive figures but Google would need to push further to compete against names like Samsung, with over 71 million devices sold in Q3 2016, and Apple, with 43 million iPhones during the same time.

Another report from India has claimed that the Google Pixel duo has already secured about 10 percent of the premium smartphone market in India. These numbers all indicate that the Pixel lineup isn’t slowing down anytime soon.