Google decided to leave its old ways behind when it produced the Pixel duo without the help of Huawei, LG or Motorola. However, this did not spare it from all the sharp criticism that came its way after it decided to step into the shoes of OEM.

The tech giant has long been known to collaborate with different tech manufacturers to produce devices that are marketed under the Nexus name. But when it decided to change its direction, the tech community started grilling Google for its decision.

Although Android fans were pleased to gain a stock Android experience, fans of Samsung, Motorola and others weren’t all that pleased. This was because these OEMs will no longer have the required equipment to make their products the best, in terms of software support.

However, Google needed to stop collaborating with OEMs as they are now its rivals. At the end of the day, the smartphone industry is highly competitive and with all major companies churning out new products every month, the competition just continues to get hotter.

Well, Google’s decision turned out to be an excellent one as the Pixel and Pixel XL devices have been garnering large amount of profits.