After realizing that GTA 5 is approaching its fourth anniversary, many began questioning on the development of GTA 6. The future sequel is confirmed to be in development but nobody knows exactly when it will get launched.

If the rumors are to be referred to, GTA 6 is linked to come out in 2020, around the same time Sony launches the PS5. The successor to the PS4 will be getting GTA 6 as its launch title but we don’t think this outcome is spot on.

If you are to look back at how Rockstar launched GTA 5, the chose to bring the game out months before the arrival of the Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PS4. This allows them to tap on the older Xbox 360 and PS3, thus racking up profits.

So if GTA 6 is truly going to come out in 2020, Rockstar is likely to approach the best gaming system of the current-gen first before leaping to the next-gen consoles. This means that GTA 6 will be tailored for Project Scorpio, Xbox One and PS4 rather than the Sony PS5.

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