Prior to the arrival of the Dodge Challenger Demon, the Hellcat was the jewel inside Fiat-Chrysler’s camp as it is able to offer the best performance around. The Challenger Hellcat jumped straight into becoming an icon in the muscle car industry with all of its 707hp produced by a 6.2L V8 engine.

Today, the Challenger Hellcat is no longer the biggest attraction around and this is due to the Challenger Demon. The latter got unveiled in New York last month and it takes performance to a whole new level thanks to a lighter body weight as well as the 840hp V8 engine.

But of course, the Challenger Demon is not exactly the ‘end all, be all’ vehicle from Dodge. It appears that the carmaker is thirsty for more hence explaining the mysterious, wide-body Challenger being tested at Dodge’s development plant.

While the details on the car are unknown at the moment, many are speculating it to be the Challenger GT Hellcat. The latter is basically a Challenger Hellcat that operates on AWD. The Challenger GT was introduced last year but it didn’t go all out as it runs on a low tier mill.

Dodge was being cautious with the Challenger GT but that it didn’t stop the car from impressing the driving enthusiasts. Hence, if there is truly going to be a Challenger GT Hellcat, we can expect the car to outpace the old Hellcat thanks to AWD. Such a product may also take more attention away from the Challenger Hellcat.

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