Spotify, a popular streaming music service, has just declared that it will be integrating Waze, Google’s traffic app, into their app.

Waze has long been popular as it allows users to detect traffic slowdowns along their route and ways to avoid them. It also gives directions, just like Google Maps – only better.

This new update to the Spotify app will allow users to get directions right from within the app while they’re jamming to their favorite hits.

All one has to do is to open the Spotify app to see a pop up at the top of the screen which will come with a button that will kick off the Waze integration.

This update will also allow users to have basic music controls inside the Waze app. However, Waze and Spotify have made it in such a way that users won’t be able to switch between the apps unless the vehicle is at a complete standstill. Well, this is completely understandable when you look at it from a safety perspective.

That said, this functionality is only available to Android users. Although Spotify failed to provide a reasoning behind this, it could be due to some limitation with iOS.

Well, we can’t ignore the fact that Android Auto users have long been clamoring for Google to offer Waze support for the system, but nothing has been forthcoming. Now, even Spotify has Waze integration, and Android Auto still doesn’t have the app.

It’s time to buck up Android Auto!