Android Nougat brought quite a few issues to many 2016 flagship devices but, thankfully, most of these issues are now solved. We have already started seeing carriers kicking off the Nougat update to devices that came out before last year, too.

One example is the HTC One M9. According to the Android Soul, T-Mobile’s support page has already stated that the carrier is currently testing Nougat.

That’s not all – some HTC One M9 owners, who probably have a four-leaf clover in their pockets, have already been receiving the update – especially those who bought a carrier-unlocked version.

Source: The Android Soul

However, we have yet to see a form of confirmation from T-Mobile or HTC or even a timeline but don’t worry, One M9 users; we’re sure that Nougat will be on your smartphone in no time.

Well, are you one of those lucky HTC One M9 users who have gained the Nougat entry? Let us know below!