Honda has been perched at the top of the crossover category as the segment gets hotter and hotter. The CR-V has been Honda’s most notable model in the US since the day it stepped into the market back in 1997. The latest model, slated for sale beginning on December 21, will not be jeopardizing its popularity status anytime soon.

Despite that, Honda isn’t expecting the 2017 CR-V to be a top seller substitution to the Accord or Civic. Jeff Conrad, Honda’s general manager, said to Automotive News that, “I don’t think there was ever a mindset during the development process that this was so big that it could take over the role as the sales leader for the division on a long-term basis.”

Honda is currently viewing the CR-V as nothing more than an equal sibling to the Accord and Civic, at the moment and it is anticipating that these models would be bringing in almost identical sales numbers as soon as their initial sales waves have settled down.

The 2017 Honda CR-V is far more luxurious than ever before but it still manages to retain its previous price range. It looks like it is on its way to land itself a spot in the best-seller list, for the umpteenth time.