2016 has been a pretty good year for Honda, given that it turned out to be the most popular automaker of the year based on search data from Google. Leading the line were three nameplates: the Civic, Accord, and CR-V.

But out of the three, only one turned out to be a sales winner; and by winning, we mean ending up as the best-selling model in its segment for the US market.

Sales of the Civic and Accord were robust despite the downturn faced by the sedan market. However, they didn’t do enough to beat the Toyota Corolla and Camry which ended up as the top-selling compact and mid-size sedans last year.

Even the Honda Pilot which helped spawn the super popular second-gen Honda Ridgeline fell behind its closest rival Toyota Highlander in the sales chart. The same can be said for the Honda Odyssey, which couldn’t match numbers of the Toyota Sienna.

Only the Honda CR-V came out on top in the mid-size SUV segment, though it only inched past the Toyota RAV4 with 357,355 against 352,154 sales. Perhaps this year would be kinder to the CR-V as it moves on to its much improved fifth-gen model.

All in all, the status quo has more or less been maintained. The CR-V succeeds in defending its sales crown in its segment while the Civic and Accord lose out to the Corolla and Camry once more.