The crossover category is clearly heating up and Honda is determined to dominate this hype. Ever since back in 1997 when the CR-V was brought into the market, it has always been Honda’s top most popular model over in the United States.

So, it really is no surprise that it’s latest CR-V will only be taking Honda’s name to greater heights.

However, the automaker has disclosed that it isn’t interested in the 2017 CR-V to nab the best-seller title from the Accord or the Civic.

Speaking to Automotive News, Jeff Conrad, the general manager of Honda, said that he doubts “there was ever a mindset during the development process that this was so big that it could take over the role as the sales leader for the division on a long-term basis.”

This means the CR-V will be an equal counterpart alongside the Accord and Civic. On top of that, Honda is expecting these trio to reel in almost similar figures once their initial sales waves have simmered down.

The 2017 Honda CR-V will be coming with the same modular chassis as the Civic and Accord along with an upgraded premium interior. Despite these revamps, it will still be coming within the same price range as its previous generation.